Miasmatic press reviews


WE ALL FALL has its own sound, playing modern metal which fits the curiosity of its five members, and showing a music diversity in metal style that feels like a breath of fresh air.”
José E. Egurrola: metalcry.com
Full review: http://www.metalcry.com/newspost/we-all-fall-miasmatic/

“Without hesitation these men are deserving a place in the top of the spanish scene, and I hope in the international scene soon. This is not a band repeating formulas, they sound as themselves. And this is the most characteristic matter in this LP, a sound of their very own, very fresh, hard rythms, good melodies and great technique in all instruments.”
RikyUnderground: thedrinktim.es
Full review: http://www.thedrinktim.es/reviews/811-waf-miasmatic.html

“(…) we find this Miasmatic three years later which achieves to amaze us and captivate us once again from start to end. (…) two seconds are enough to get into the dynamic and fall into their web (…) and this band first poisons you and then eats you.”
Jorge Bobadilla: rockdospuntocero.com
Full review: http://www.rockdospuntocero.com/web/index.php/lanzamientos/1969-we-all-fall-miasmatic

“…Certainly a very balanced work, very rich in details and in which each song encloses others, with very interesting developments… The album is a real box of surprises (…) It seems 2015 is going to be We All Fall’s year (…) We were already missing them. ¡Welcome again!”
Jorge del Amo MazarĂ­o: rafabasa.com
Full review: http://www.rafabasa.com/2015/01/12/critica-del-cd-de-we-all-fall-miasmatic/

“…ten tracks in which these guys show by far a versatility in their compositions which is not abundant in the current scene. They are ready to propagate the virus wherever they go. Get infected with it.”
Alfredo Villaescusa: mariskalrock.com
Full review: http://mariskalrock.com/index.php/2015/01/09/we-all-fall-miasmatic/